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Make Your KSL Cars Listing Stand Out

The used car market is competitive. In seconds, you can differentiate your listing from all of the other sedans, SUVs and trucks listed on KSL Cars.

  • Select Protect when creating or editing your KSL Cars listing.
  • checkmark Enter the vehicle identification number and current mileage.
  • Pay the $99 fee.

Eligibility Requirements

We’ve partnered with Alpha Warranty Services, an award-winning local company, to offer a quality vehicle protection plan for buyers and sellers — at an affordable price. The contract can be purchased for vehicles:

  • With a clean title
  • No more than 15 years old
  • With less than 150,000 miles

Once in effect, the vehicle protection plan covers a total of 130 powertrain parts. It remains in effect for 30 days after the buyer activates the contract, regardless of how many miles the vehicle is driven.


Can I add Protect to a vehicle I’m purchasing from a dealership?

No. Protect is exclusively for private party vehicle sales on KSL Cars. These transactions do not have the same Lemon Law protections as dealership sales do.

Does the coverage begin when the seller purchases the contract?

Protect does not go into effect until after the vehicle sale. The buyer is responsible for entering the mileage to activate the powertrain contract within 10 days of the sale. The contract expires 150 days from the date of the seller’s purchase.

Is there a deductible or a limit on the liability?

There is no deductible, but Protect does have a $1,000 limit of liability.

What is KSL Confidence?

KSL Confidence is a full suite of offerings designed to ensure a smooth transaction between car buyers and private sellers. Besides Finance, other offerings include Protect With KSL Confidence and Document With KSL Confidence.
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How do I get in touch with Alpha Warranty Services?

Call (800) 662-5519 or email